Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shakin' All Over.

As I'm getting older, I find my appreciation for music changing, as I'm sure happens to most people throughout their lives. I just hope I don't become one of those old, or "older than I" people (let me be more P.C. about this), that cling on to the music of the past and refuse to expose themselves up to anything new.

I've been opening my ears up to a plethora of music lately, some old, some new, and I think I'm falling in love with Rockabilly music. It gives me the shakes down my knee bones. I've always loved the style of the time, from the slick back hairdo, to pin up gals, down to the classic cars, but the music has been blowing my mind as of late.

A band called the Mallard Drakes has been playing at the bar that I work out every third Saturday of the month for the past two months (they're playing again on the 21st), and their music is amazing.

So folks, my point being, I want to start a Rockabilly band in the near future. Yeah sure... the music is cool, pin up chicks will dig me, and I can do my own, yet equally catchy version of "Shakin' All Over," but most, MOST importantly, I think I would look awesome as a Greaser.

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