Thursday, July 2, 2009

How We Operate.

You don't realize just how much certain people impact your life until things change, then the difference becomes a glaring hole, burning right through the middle of your tiny little planet.

I can't say my summer has started off fantastic (aside from the sprained wrist, bruised knuckle, and my wonderful week long throat infection), and I don't know how its going to be from here on out, but some things have changed. Can't say I asked for them, can't say I expected them, can't say if they're going to end up as good or bad things in the future (maybe I can spring Miss Cleo from jail and she can help me out?).

All of this makes me think about my personality in general, how much I tend to regret (which I've already devoted a blog post to). I'm tired of regretting shit, I'm extremely tired of a lot of things right about now.

It would be nice to say that I could make a Chameleon move and just adjust, or even make some positive changes in my life, and maybe everything will work out in the end, but BLAH.

I'm pretty unhappy right now.

I wish I could go back to this time...

"I put my heart into those grapes" *wipes forehead*.

Not like anybody actually reads this thing, but a month later, my tattoo.

The tattoo took about four hours, Grez is a wizard.

All pictures are unhealed, although it healed up fucking amazing.