Friday, May 29, 2009

The ghost of a goddess.

Very simply put, I had the most amazing dream two days ago, AMAZING. Said dream did not take place in a far away land, deep space, or an exotic island, but in my very own household, my humble abode if you will.

The star of this dream was the sexiest, most beautiful female you could possibly imagine. NOW... I know you like where things are going from here.

It started with a sexy strut from my living room to my kitchen where the table was clear and clean, which (for anyone who knows me and has ever been to my house) knows this could only happen in a fantasy of some sort. With a flash of pink, her undergarments were off and she was nekked, as nekked as it gets.

I assume you know where this is going, but me and this goddess had FANTASMIC sex on top of my kitchen table, from the kitchen table to a desk, and ended up floating onto a couch.

Needless to say there was only one way for this dream to end, and it was the best way anyone could possibly imagine...

I wish I had dreams like that everyday.


  1. "Had a dream I said, 'about who?' he said.
    'Bout BIG I said, 'that's big,' he said.
    Dig what he said, 'proceed,' he said
    Indeed I said, so breathe I did."

    Just putting that out there!

    PS- Asif knows about this said dream...