Friday, May 29, 2009

The ghost of a goddess.

Very simply put, I had the most amazing dream two days ago, AMAZING. Said dream did not take place in a far away land, deep space, or an exotic island, but in my very own household, my humble abode if you will.

The star of this dream was the sexiest, most beautiful female you could possibly imagine. NOW... I know you like where things are going from here.

It started with a sexy strut from my living room to my kitchen where the table was clear and clean, which (for anyone who knows me and has ever been to my house) knows this could only happen in a fantasy of some sort. With a flash of pink, her undergarments were off and she was nekked, as nekked as it gets.

I assume you know where this is going, but me and this goddess had FANTASMIC sex on top of my kitchen table, from the kitchen table to a desk, and ended up floating onto a couch.

Needless to say there was only one way for this dream to end, and it was the best way anyone could possibly imagine...

I wish I had dreams like that everyday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alien technology, seriously.

A PSP is by far the best thing I have ever stumbled upon. My mom has this collection of old gaming devices in a closet in her house somewhere, and as I was aimlessly looking through old SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis games fate took its course. When I first held it in my hands a couple of years ago, I wasn't aware of its demonic magical powers. I have since come to the conclusion that the detail that J.K. Rowling left out of the Harry Potter series, is that Voldemort's power originated from an advance release of the fiendish system.

Whoever helped in the creation and development of this thing is genius. I'm fairly certain that an elite class of outer space beings had their hand in the development. It can play movies, video games, emulators, roms, music, hold pictures, and control your space ship all while you're sitting on the couch chowing down on Honey Bunches Of Oats out of the box.

At one point I was seriously addicted to this thing, but around the time that I stopped taking the train because I sprained my ankle, school work started to pick up and I threw it in my long lost, and forgotten drawer. Yesterday I went looking for my camera in that drawer and it beamed up at me with its soft, little eyes, "Get me out of here Pat!"

Needless to say, I rescued the princess from her castle (ironically I also have a mustache going on right now, so you guys make the connection), and in the few minutes of free time I had last night from my final paper writing I was reunited with beauty and glory all over again.

I played Chrono Trigger for like an hour before I realized that I was being sucked in by its magical suction field of hand held power.

This thing is dangerous, I should have locked this thing up and hid it in a better location... like the bottom of the ocean.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The way of the tiger... I mean the Tony.

I have lived my whole life in New York, with my dad's side of the family as my close relatives. Not to say I don't love my mom's side equally, I just don't see them as much because they've always lived all over the country. Right now the majority of them live in Las Vegas, and I've been visiting them as much as possible (speaking of which I'm going back in July woot-woot).

Anyway, I grew up with my aunt, uncle, and grandparents (my nonno and nonna). Me and my uncle, Tony coincidentally were born on the exact same day, about 20 years apart. What is even stranger about this coincidence is that although I look a lot like my dad, I act exactly like my uncle (minus the fact that he's a vegetarian), and I guess my parents are great prophets or sages because my middle name is Antonio (which is my uncle's full name but yada, yada, yada). We have the same strange affinities for conspiracy theories, similar political beliefs, share love for the same sports and tv shows, and the same sense of humor.

My uncle is by far the funniest person I know, and ever since I was a little kid I found myself picking up words or phrases that he used, and eventually I picked up a very similar sense of humor. The odd thing about that, is I didn't spend all that much time with my uncle, after I was about 5 or 6 or so. I've been learning a lot about Fruedian Psychoanalysis, and I know for a fact that I have never consciously tried to imitate my uncle in any way, it just came naturally.

I wonder if I subconsciously picked up this sense of humor because of how funny I believe my uncle is, or if it came naturally, or if we're strangely connected through the fifth dimension because we were born on the same day.

I favor the fifth dimension theory, but you be the judge.
Cue the eerie music maestro!

Monday, May 11, 2009

When my brain looks like an over easy egg...

This is what happens.

Me: fuck work man
Me: that is my motto
Mersiha: since when?
Me: since i sprained my ankle -_-
Mersiha: oh yeah, yikes
Me: I was forced into the motto
Me: by the forces of nature
Me: that forcefully forced me into a submissive position
Me: and as strong as the force was in this young force wielder
Me: the forces of nature that forcefully forced me into a submissive position retained force over the strength of my force
Me: you see?
Mersiha: I don't...
Mersiha: want to know

I just thought I should share this with the world.