Monday, March 23, 2009

Spanish For Dummies: Vol 1.

I went to the grocery store after I got back from class, needed some onions and stuff to cook later...

As I went towards one of the lines to check out the chick says to me:
"How you know I'm open?"
-"The boy bagging groceries clued me to it."
(Him) "So what?"
-"Yeah, I guess you could just be chilling there too haha."
"Yeah haha."

Then the kid turns and calls me ugly in Spanish to the girl, who agrees. Then he repeats very, very, very a few times. If he wasn't like 13 years old or so, I might have said something to him, but we'll disregard that for right now.

Now, let's run through a few things here and analyze just how smart you are.

A. Your language is not all that difficult.
B. I'm sure you go to a public school, and any public school in Brooklyn has a language requirement and more than likely it is only Spanish that is offered. If you're lucky you might have Italian as an alternative, but I'm pretty certain you sit in a Spanish class a few times a week as I did in Junior High School and High School.
C. I LIVE IN SUNSET PARK, I am surrounded by Spanish speaking people. If you had no idea that I had any history of speaking Spanish, wouldn't it occur to you that maybe I picked up a little bit being surrounded by people who speak the language? At least enough to understand the phrase "hace feo" or words like "mucho" or even just enough to comprehend the word "feo" as ugly?

Maybe you guys should learn Portuguese or an African dialect or fucking Gaelic so you can prevent yourself from talking about people in the most commonly used language in America.

Eh, in the end it was his loss anyway. I usually tip those kids pretty well, not just my 3 cents that I get back for change, I normally leave a dollar or two and then all of my change, in this case it would have been 2 dollars and 89 cents for bagging two bags of onions and a container of ice tea.

I very well may be ugly or at least in your perspectives, but I can't really tell which one of us is a little smarter than the others.


  1. Sometimes, other Bengali people won't recognize that I'm Bengali as well, and will say shit like that to me. It's happens so often, I cherish it now since I can look straight at them and tell them in our language that they're fucking stupid.

  2. It's funny that you should mention that because when I was telling Aida the story and mentioned that Dylan asked me for a recommendation to play the superhero she said:

    "Don't tell me that you recommended Pat."
    To which I replied, "Er, definitely not."

    LMFAO <3