Thursday, March 5, 2009

In the blink of an eye.

Tonight I went to the Rangers- Islanders game at Nassau Colosseum which is always cool because more Rangers fans attend the game than Islanders fans so they get "booed" at their own stadium, "ISLANDERS SUCK!"

Anyway, watching the game made me realize something amazing. There are times it feels like time is stopped, no matter how much commotion was going on before this moment it ceases to exist entirely. Anything can happen, you feel a mixture of anxiety, fear, shock, and numerous other emotions that make the situation all but impossible to describe.

Every time a player lined up to take a shot on goal this feeling occurred to me and everyone else in the stadium. Dead silence as the stick makes contact with the puck as it goes rifling through the air like a bullet. In this scenario you will either hear a ruckus comparable to the sound of the moments before Armageddon or a sigh so in sync that you could imagine it being routinely practiced.

These nearly inexpressible lapses in time arise multiple times in our lives , the instant before the first punch in landed in a fist fight, at that exact moment when you feel weightless at the peak of a rattly roller coaster, the seconds leading up to your lips meeting the lips of the person you have been pursuing.

The sands of time waver and for just a single heartbeat it stands on end. These are the moments that make life worth living.

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