Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maybe I need me some Bifocals.

Ok, perception is a convention that I obviously will never understand.

I look at pictures of people, pictures that they put wherever, their icons, their facebooks, their myspaces and it seriously astounds me that they think that they look anywhere near a fair understanding of the word "decent."

Now, let me clarify. I am not talking about people who are ugly in general, this theory shoots through a wide spectrum of people, from the mediocre to even the good looking. Good looking people obviously have a little bit more leeway (which I'm sorry about, blame the shallow society we live in) but still, I don't understand how a person can look so hideous in a picture and think somewhere deep in the walls of their brain that they look appealing to the eye. This picture could be right next to a picture that actually does them a little bit of justice but it flies right passed them.

Never once in my life has anyone said to me "wow, you look awful in this picture dude" followed by me defending it, or the complete opposite "aww, you look so cute" -" should gouge your eyes out with an unsharpened pencil."

Mersiha constantly used to yell at me about different people having different opinions, which is a concept I firmly grasp, but this phenomenon of people fooling themselves with their perception is something I will never come to terms with.

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  1. Hmmm... who are you referring to here...?

    I know it can't be me because I always look sexy. HOLLER! (Rofl)