Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Spinning on that dizzy edge."

School has started yet again, and this semester I'm taking a couple of interesting Philosophy classes, both of which have made me think about the way I look at life, my own life and life in general, but then again I suppose that is the point of Philosophy isn't it?

One of these classes is titled "Ethics & Personal Relationships," this is obviously about personal relationships, and the ways in which we humans handle these relationships. The few classes that I've had so far were basically group therapy sessions, which I don't see as a bad thing because after all, who couldn't use some group therapy? The other class is a class on Feminism, but for the most part is also about relationships, the dynamic of the male-female relationship and how it is influenced by society and the power structure.

Both of these classes have made me think a lot about some things that have been common place in the television shows that I've been investing my time in lately, and how they relate to my life. Almost everything is rooted in truth, some kind of truth, past, present or otherwise. It is nearly impossible to create a thought or image that does not at least bear some resemblance to something that already exist, or once existed. This is Philosophical thinking that crosses paths with Political Science, and with that said I will get to the point. The cliches that are so commonly displayed in television shows, pertaining mostly to love and relationships that most of us publicly roll our eyes, shrug off, or worse shutter are obviously based on feelings that humans actually have. Most of us do not want to admit that we would like to fall into these cliches, because we are far to macho and independent for all that, but at the very least if you don't secretly close your eyes, look up to the sky and wish for someone to love, and for them to love you as well, you will experience the feeling one day. If this never occurs to you I'm going to assume that you are either the Tin Man, or for various reasons such as being a complete douche, or being inhumanly fat and/or ugly, no one has ever been able to love you.

With this said I would like to admit to the world that I often think about these cliches, and I daydream about how my life would play out in situations like the ones you see on prime time television. I am grateful to know the feeling of love, the feeling of true love, but I am taken aback by the ways in which this emotion plays on my rationality and clarity of mind. Far too often I drift into thoughts of coming home to the same person everyday, and feeling the same sense of happiness I did the first time I laid eyes on them, or the first time we kissed. These feelings have went to the extent of imagining children running around, in part due to that dream girl. To say the least, it is a phenomenal feeling to be able to rationally imagine, and wholeheartedly appreciate the idea that you, along with another human being would donate 50% of each other to create an independent creature, with legs, to roam around this evil land we call Earth. And since I finally saw Super Size Me today, I have officially decided that my children of the future will never know the taste of McDonalds, NEVER!

In closing, love is a dangerous emotion. Wait... that wasn't really the point of this post... was it? *Shrugs*

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shakin' All Over.

As I'm getting older, I find my appreciation for music changing, as I'm sure happens to most people throughout their lives. I just hope I don't become one of those old, or "older than I" people (let me be more P.C. about this), that cling on to the music of the past and refuse to expose themselves up to anything new.

I've been opening my ears up to a plethora of music lately, some old, some new, and I think I'm falling in love with Rockabilly music. It gives me the shakes down my knee bones. I've always loved the style of the time, from the slick back hairdo, to pin up gals, down to the classic cars, but the music has been blowing my mind as of late.

A band called the Mallard Drakes has been playing at the bar that I work out every third Saturday of the month for the past two months (they're playing again on the 21st), and their music is amazing.

So folks, my point being, I want to start a Rockabilly band in the near future. Yeah sure... the music is cool, pin up chicks will dig me, and I can do my own, yet equally catchy version of "Shakin' All Over," but most, MOST importantly, I think I would look awesome as a Greaser.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

How We Operate.

You don't realize just how much certain people impact your life until things change, then the difference becomes a glaring hole, burning right through the middle of your tiny little planet.

I can't say my summer has started off fantastic (aside from the sprained wrist, bruised knuckle, and my wonderful week long throat infection), and I don't know how its going to be from here on out, but some things have changed. Can't say I asked for them, can't say I expected them, can't say if they're going to end up as good or bad things in the future (maybe I can spring Miss Cleo from jail and she can help me out?).

All of this makes me think about my personality in general, how much I tend to regret (which I've already devoted a blog post to). I'm tired of regretting shit, I'm extremely tired of a lot of things right about now.

It would be nice to say that I could make a Chameleon move and just adjust, or even make some positive changes in my life, and maybe everything will work out in the end, but BLAH.

I'm pretty unhappy right now.

I wish I could go back to this time...

"I put my heart into those grapes" *wipes forehead*.

Not like anybody actually reads this thing, but a month later, my tattoo.

The tattoo took about four hours, Grez is a wizard.

All pictures are unhealed, although it healed up fucking amazing.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Tally 'em up.

I'm about as excited right now as I was the first time a female decided to rub my twig and berries.

Yes, indeed, tomorrow I get tattooed again. Not only am I getting tattooed again, but I'm getting tattooed at arguably the nicest tattoo studio in New York, and by one of the best tattoo artists in the world.

So instead of spontaneously self combusting, I have been venting my excitement through every medium possible, blogspot was the last stop.

Will update with pictures and stuff tomorrow night after I get to unbandage and wash the bad boy.


Friday, May 29, 2009

The ghost of a goddess.

Very simply put, I had the most amazing dream two days ago, AMAZING. Said dream did not take place in a far away land, deep space, or an exotic island, but in my very own household, my humble abode if you will.

The star of this dream was the sexiest, most beautiful female you could possibly imagine. NOW... I know you like where things are going from here.

It started with a sexy strut from my living room to my kitchen where the table was clear and clean, which (for anyone who knows me and has ever been to my house) knows this could only happen in a fantasy of some sort. With a flash of pink, her undergarments were off and she was nekked, as nekked as it gets.

I assume you know where this is going, but me and this goddess had FANTASMIC sex on top of my kitchen table, from the kitchen table to a desk, and ended up floating onto a couch.

Needless to say there was only one way for this dream to end, and it was the best way anyone could possibly imagine...

I wish I had dreams like that everyday.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alien technology, seriously.

A PSP is by far the best thing I have ever stumbled upon. My mom has this collection of old gaming devices in a closet in her house somewhere, and as I was aimlessly looking through old SNES, N64, and Sega Genesis games fate took its course. When I first held it in my hands a couple of years ago, I wasn't aware of its demonic magical powers. I have since come to the conclusion that the detail that J.K. Rowling left out of the Harry Potter series, is that Voldemort's power originated from an advance release of the fiendish system.

Whoever helped in the creation and development of this thing is genius. I'm fairly certain that an elite class of outer space beings had their hand in the development. It can play movies, video games, emulators, roms, music, hold pictures, and control your space ship all while you're sitting on the couch chowing down on Honey Bunches Of Oats out of the box.

At one point I was seriously addicted to this thing, but around the time that I stopped taking the train because I sprained my ankle, school work started to pick up and I threw it in my long lost, and forgotten drawer. Yesterday I went looking for my camera in that drawer and it beamed up at me with its soft, little eyes, "Get me out of here Pat!"

Needless to say, I rescued the princess from her castle (ironically I also have a mustache going on right now, so you guys make the connection), and in the few minutes of free time I had last night from my final paper writing I was reunited with beauty and glory all over again.

I played Chrono Trigger for like an hour before I realized that I was being sucked in by its magical suction field of hand held power.

This thing is dangerous, I should have locked this thing up and hid it in a better location... like the bottom of the ocean.